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Appalachian mountainsThe foothills of North Carolina are one of the most beautiful parts of our state. The area is characterized by lush forests, rolling green hills, majestic rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and stunning views of the Blue Ridge and Brushy Mountains.

Residents of the foothills enjoy access to an array of outdoor activities, including world-class mountain biking systems, incredible hiking trails, world-class fly fishing, an array of watersports, and so much more. We’re within a short drive of the two highest elevation ski resorts in the South. Throughout the foothills, there are charming communities and important cities such as:

  • Hickory
  • North Wilkesboro
  • Wilkesboro
  • Morganton
  • Marion
  • Taylorsville
  • Yadkinville
  • Rutherfordton
  • Mount Airy
  • Elkin

Church and Church - A Foothills Sawmill You Can Trust

If you have property in this beautiful region, you need a local sawmill you can trust. Whether you are looking for lumber for your next project or have timber to sell, Church and Church Lumber Company is here for you.

Timber Harvest Sawmill in the Foothills

If you have land in the beautiful foothills, you know how important it is to make sure it is properly managed. Church in Church is here for you through every step of the process, including forestry management and timber harvesting. The following are some of the advantages of logging in conjunction with an appropriate forestry management plan:

  • Logging can actually help a forest recover its health.
  • Tree removal can allow for the growth and flourishing of other plant species.
  • Non-native and invasive plant life may be removed as a result of timber harvesting.
  • Forest debris removal can help to lessen the risk of destructive forest fires.
  • Taking down trees that are diseased or dead before they pose a danger during windstorms.
  • Reduces the amount of competition between trees in a forest.
  • When trees and forests are young, they take up more carbon and create more oxygen.

Quality Hardwoods and Lumber in the Foothills

Regardless of the project, you want to use the highest quality lumber available. From timber harvest to comprehensive sawmill services, Church and Church has the experience and expertise to help you, regardless of the project. 

The Church & Church Planer Mill produces Hardwood Dimension Cut Stock for packaging and pallet applications, as well as yellow pine crating, and special requests. Premium and ordinary grades of southern yellow pine decking are offered in 5/4 by 6-inch stock; kiln, or air-dried.

Church & Church Lumber Company, based in Wilkes County, North Carolina, is a professional and experienced sawmill in the foothills. We can assist you whether you have timber to harvest or need lumber for your next construction project. For decades, our family-owned and managed sawmill has served the people of Wilkesboro, North Wilkesboro, and the surrounding communities.

For additional information on land management, forestry, hardwood sales, and other topics, contact the Church and Church team.