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Timber is a natural resource that should be harvested responsibly and sustainably. We strive to use 100% of the log as not to waste one of Appalachia’s valuable natural resources.

Mulch Sales NCWhen logs enter the sawmill, the bark on the log is removed before sawing. The removed bark is ground into mulch by our Rotochopper B-66 E horizontal grinder. Our grinder can withstand the volume from a high-efficiency sawmill while producing mulch with a consistent texture. This allows us to provide high-quality mulch, year-round, from many Appalachian hardwood and softwood species.

Our most sought-after species are red oak and white oak mulch. In addition, we commonly offer poplar, pine, and mixed
hardwood mulch.

Mulch is a beautiful addition to any outdoor landscape, increasing the health of your plants by insulating them from the cold and extreme heat, controlling weeds, and retaining moisture.

Beyond aesthetics, there are chemical and physical differences between mulch and pine mulch, so make sure to look into what’s best for your project. When mulches break down, they make the soil more alkaline (raising pH), as opposed to the acidity of pine.

We sell mulch by the cubic yard and offer pickup or delivery. Please contact us for questions about availability, pricing, scheduling pick-ups or deliveries.

Contact for byproducts:

Mark Russell
Phone: 336-452-4882
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.