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Every aspect of the timber fiber is utilized in a variety of ways, including:

  • Bark is used for mulch and landscaping.
  • Pulpwood and chips are used in engineered wood products, energy development, hydroseed applications, and paper production.
  • Sawdust is used for the kiln process, agriculture, and as grilling briquettes.
  • Lumber is used in furniture production, flooring, moulding, trim, decking, framing, and much more.


Timber is a renewable resource.

When a landowner expresses interest in harvesting timber, our foresters will meet with them to determine their goals for their property for today and the future.

From there, we determine the value and grade of the timber. We work with you to develop harvest plans that meet the objectives you have for your property while providing the highest value for your product. Our foresters use best management practices that allow you to continue stewarding your land and resources now and for years to come.


It all begins with the logger.

During the harvest, Church & Church works with experienced, professional loggers who are ProLogger Certified and insured. They care about your land, your resources, and harvesting timber as efficiently as possible. The goal is to help you take care of your assets and our forests sustainably. Loggers are a cornerstone of the timber industry, and we could not do what we do without their commitment to quality and sustainability.


It all begins with highly-qualified personnel.

Each member of our team is integral to our high standard of service. Our sawmill is one of the most modern and efficient mills in the industry. We have a long history of providing our customers with unique, high-quality lumber products.

Once the timber is harvested, our team will analyze each resource in-depth to determine how it can be best used to serve our customers. Every tree has a story; it is our job to make sure we do it justice.