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Wilkes NC ClearcuttingAlmost seventy thousand people call Wilkes County home, but hundreds of thousands visit the area each year. Founded in 1778, the county has a long, rich, and important history in North Carolina. North Wilkesboro was home to one of the first NASCAR racecourses. Several multibillion-dollar corporations got their start here, including Lowes, a Fortune 500 home improvement retailer. 

The county has grown and changed over time. Wilkes County is poised to take off, with many firms in IT and clean energy, as well as a burgeoning craft beer industry. At the same time, many of the property owners in Wilkes can trace their roots here back many generations. 

Landowners in Wilkes want to protect and preserve what they have. Properly performed, environmentally friendly clearcutting is key to ensuring that our land remains beautiful for years to come. 

Wilkes NC Clearcutting Services - Church & Church Lumber

Clearcutting may sound foreboding, but when done with proper forestry management in mild, it can promote healthy forests and actually help the environment. It can also help you earn passive income and help you accomplish the objectives you have for your property. 

What are the benefits of having your land cleared? One of the most significant reasons is that uncontrolled growth can constitute a fire risk, endangering your home and your neighbors. When land is cleared in an ethical and responsible manner, it benefits the environment while also increasing the value of your own property.

Clearcutting and Land Clearing Preparating Wilkes, NC

Land clearing is a technique used to clear forests in residential, commercial, or industrial locations in order to preserve your property, harvest timber, and prevent wildfires. You should think about a few things before deciding to engage in clearcutting:

  • How much land are you going to clear? Take into account that you'll need to figure out how much money and time you'll need to clear the area. However, there could be significant cost benefits in selling timber.
  • What are the particulars of your property? The amount of vegetation, rocks, bushes, and trees, as well as the soil composition, will influence what equipment is required.
  • You'll need a plan to clear the property based on what you'll be using it for. Grading and excavation will almost certainly be required if you are constructing a structure.

Church & Church Timber Harvesting and Forestry Management Wilkes, NC

One of the most valuable resources you have on your land is timber. You may make passive revenue while also preserving the health of your woodlands by cutting your timber. Not only may lumber harvesting be done without causing harm to the environment, but it can also lead to healthier forests. Here are a few ways in which sound forestry management may help the environment:

  • Clearcutting can assist in the eradication of invasive species.
  • Clearcutting can contribute to enhancing forest health.
  • Clearcutting can aid in the prevention of wildfires.
  • Clearcutting can assist in the introduction of new, young trees to a region, which may be able to process more carbon and release more oxygen than old growth.

If you’re in Wilkes County or the surrounding area, contact Church & Church for any clearcutting or forestry management needs.