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timberLocated on the border between the piedmont and foothills, Yadkin County is the bridge between central North Carolina and the mountains. The western border of the county traverses the Brushy Mountains, while the Yadkin River makes up its northern and eastern boundaries. Throughout the area, residents and visitors enjoy views of the Allegheny Mountains and lush green rolling hills.

Why You Should Own Land in Yadkin County

North Carolina’s premier wine country, Yadkin County, is not just a geographical bridge but a cultural bridge between history and modern times. Founded in the Nineteenth century, Yadkinville, the county seat has long been a tight-knit community with caring neighbors and excellent small businesses.

The town and county are close enough to Winston-Salem for commuters but far enough away to provide residents with a peaceful place to call home. However, Yadkin County is anything but backcountry. There are dozens of wineries serving global clients, large corporations, and impressive innovation right here on the edge of the foothills.

If you own land here in Yadkinville or surrounding areas, harvesting your timber is a great way to help keep your property healthy and allow it to provide for you financially.

Church and Church Timber Sales in Yadkin County, NC

Timber harvesting and sale is an excellent approach to enhance your land's earnings. Logging is the process of felling (cutting down) trees as part of a timber harvest.

Raw materials for sawmills and pulpwood for the pulp and paper industries are obtained by the lumber industry. Logging can also be used to remove timber in order to satisfy forest management goals.

The following are some of the advantages of logging:

  • Trees are being removed to make way for fresh growth.
  • Logging reduces the number of trees that are dead or sick
  • Timber sales reduce the likelihood of a catastrophic forest fire
  • Providing raw materials is critical to our community's survival.
  • Getting the most out of your land's natural resources
  • Getting ready to put your land up for sale

Church and Church - Your Trusted Timber Partner

Church and Church is a family-owned and operated company that serves clients in Yadkin County and surrounding areas. We provide logging and forest management services to help landowners maximize the profitability of their property, while providing sustainability for the future.

If it is time to consider harvesting and selling your timber, our local sawmill would love to talk to you. We work with properties that are ten acres or larger, providing the highest quality, environmentally-safe timber sale services.

Contact Church and Church for more information about Yadkin County, NC, timber sales.