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NC foothills clearcuttingThe North Carolina foothills are among the most fantastically beautiful parts of our state. As you travel west from down east, you notice these rolling hills first, and as you climb them, you get your first views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Our foothills are one of the only areas on the East Coast where you can see mountains to the east and west with views of smaller ranges like the Brushy Mountains and Sauratown Mountains, in addition to the High Country and highlands of southwest Virginia. 

People have called the foothills home for many generations; however, we are experiencing steady new growth as well. Some of the factors that draw people to this part of the state include:

  • Wine Country: The Yadkin Valley and surrounding foothills are home to the East Coast version of Napa Valley. 
  • Mountain Biking: The North Carolina foothills lead the South in flow-style mountain biking trails. Warrior Creek and the Kerr Scott Lake system in Wilkes County are second to none. 
  • Watersports: We have many miles of rivers and creeks, as well as several beautiful lakes like Lake James and Kerr Scott. People enjoy kayaking, canoeing, tubing, boating, and fishing in the water around the foothills. 
  • Property Values: While property values continue to climb steadily for homeowners, they are still accessible for new residents relocating to the area. 
  • Small Towns: For many, the global pandemic caused cities to fall out of favor. Small towns are on the rise for their charm and small businesses. There are many great towns in the North Carolina foothills, such as North Wilkesboro, Wilkesboro, Morganton, Elkin, Yadkinville, Mount Airy, Statesville, and more. 

Clearcutting in the NC Foothills - Church & Church Lumber

Preserving the forests of the North Carolina foothills is vital to land and property owners in our area. However, if allowed to grow wild without proper management, unnaturally thick vegetation and invasive species can take over your woodlands. This poses a risk to the health of your trees and increases the danger of damaging wildfires. 

Land clearing is necessary to create an environment that is suitable for construction, planting, timber harvesting, or other uses. It does not, however, have to be harmful to the environment. In fact, ethical clearance can provide a number of advantages, including erosion prevention and wildfire protection.

How Clearcutting Helps Foothills Property Owners

Timber is one of the most significant resources you have on your property. Harvesting your timber is a means by which you can earn passive income and preserve the health of your forests. Timber harvesting can not only be done without harming the environment, but it can also result in healthier forests. Here are some examples of how good forestry management can benefit the environment: 

  • Clearcutting can help eradicate invasive species. 
  • Clearcutting can help improve the health of forests. 
  • Clearcutting can help reduce the risk of wildfires. 
  • Clearcutting can help add new, young trees to an area that are potentially able to process more carbon and release more oxygen. 

Church & Church Lumber Clearcutting 

If you have timber that could be clearcut, we can help. For property owners with ten acres or more, we provide clearcutting services and forestry management. Contact us for more information about clearcutting in the foothills of North Carolina.