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logging practices in wilkes countyOne of the primary reasons people choose to visit and live in Wilkes County is the prevalence of nature. The scenery and natural beauty of our area are striking. Bordered by the Blue Ridge mountains in the west and north and the Brushy Mountains in the south and east, there are places in the South that have our unique combination of mountains and valleys. 

The beauty of our natural resources is a big part of what makes our area special. Logging has long been part of our economy. Wilkes County landowners have supplied the lumber necessary for our state to grow and expand. Church and Church Lumber Company provides property owners with ethical, environmentally safe logging practices. 

Environmentally Safe Logging Practices in Wilkes County 

Whenever we make changes to the landscape of our area, we want to make sure it does more good than harm. However, it is possible to create a domino effect that causes harm to your property and your neighbor’s land. 

Logging can have major environmental consequences if it is not handled appropriately. Birds and other species that utilize trees for cover, nesting sites, or food may lose habitat as a result of logging. Erosion from improper logging practices can lead to excessive sediment in creeks and rivers. Even small problems can lead to significant issues. 

Are There Positive Effects from Logging? 

Logging is not necessarily negative. There are many benefits from harvesting timber the right way

  • Logging removes mature trees, making way for new growth and new trees. 
  • Some trees actually take in more carbon and produce more oxygen when they are younger. 
  • Logging provides the opportunity to remove the debris on the forest floor that leads to fires. 
  • Trees that are dead or unhealthy are removed before they become a hazard to humans and wildlife. 
  • Clearing portions of forests can help remove invasive species that hurt trees and other plants. 
  • Logging helps you get the most out of your land. 

You can count on Church and Church to help you harvest your timber the right way. 

Church and Church Logging Practices in Wilkes County

Church and Church is a family-owned and operated sawmill group of companies that control all of our processes from raw material acquisition, timber harvesting, sawmilling, kiln drying, order specification, and shipping in order to provide best-in-class products and services to our customers. 

We are located right here in Wilkes County, serving clients with high-quality, environmentally safe logging practices and providing the lumber necessary for a wide range of projects. Protecting the aspects of Wilkes that make our area special is at the core of what we do for each client. 

If you have timber to harvest, we would be happy to discuss how we can help. We work with properties that are ten acres or larger. Contact us for more information about environmentally safe and ethical logging practices in Wilkes County, NC.