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ethical logging yadkin valley ncYadkin County, on the border of the piedmont and foothills, serves as a link between central North Carolina and the mountains. The Brushy Mountains form the county's western border, while the Yadkin River forms its northern and eastern borders. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy vistas of the Allegheny Mountains and beautiful green rolling hills across the area.

Yadkin County is a gem in the piedmont and foothills. Some of what draws people to live in Yadkin County include:

  • Close proximity to larger cities like Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro, and Charlotte
  • Access to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Stone Mountain, and other nearby high-elevation treasures
  • Being a short drive from some of the best hiking and mountain biking in the state
  • Watersports on the wide portions of the Yadkin River
  • A strong economy of small businesses, restaurants, larger corporations, and more
  • Friendly neighborhoods and wide-open spaces

Yadkin County residents know that they live in one of the most beautiful places in the South. Protecting the scenery and natural resources is important to people here. At the same time, logging is an important part of the economy and necessary for landowners to get the most out of their property. 

Church and Church Lumber Company provides ethical logging and timber harvesting for Yadkin County property owners. 

Church and Church Ethical Logging in Yadkin County, NC

If logging is not done properly, it can have serious environmental implications. As a result of logging, birds and other species that rely on trees for cover, breeding grounds, or food may lose habitat. Excess silt in creeks and rivers might result from inappropriate logging operations. Even little concerns might escalate into major issues.

How to Do Logging the Right Way

Logging isn't always a bad thing. There are numerous advantages to properly collecting timber.

  • Logging clears the room for fresh growth of trees by removing mature trees.
  • When trees are young, they actually take in more carbon and create more oxygen.
  • Logging allows for the removal of material from the forest floor, which can cause fires.
  • Dead or sick trees are removed before they become a danger to humans and wildlife.
  • Forest clearing can aid in the removal of invasive species that harm trees and other vegetation.
  • Logging allows you to make the most of your land.

Church and Church will assist you in properly harvesting your timber.

Reach Out to Church and Church for Ethical Timber Harvesting Near Yadkinville

Church and Church is a family-owned and operated sawmill group of companies that control all of our processes from raw material acquisition, timber harvesting, sawmilling, kiln drying, order specification, and shipping in order to provide best-in-class products and services to our customers.

We're right near Yadkinville in Wilkes County, providing clients with high-quality, ecologically friendly forestry services and the lumber they need for a variety of projects. At the heart of what we do for each client is preserving the parts of Yadkin County that make our community unique.

We'd be happy to talk about how we can assist you if you have timber to harvest. We only work with properties that are at least ten acres in size. For additional information about environmentally friendly and ethical logging operations in Yadkin County, NC, please contact us.