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appalachiaOn the border of the piedmont and foothills, Yadkin County serves as a link between the piedmont and the mountains. The Brushy Mountains form the county's western border, while the Yadkin River forms its northern and eastern borders. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy vistas of the Allegheny Mountains and beautiful green rolling hills across the area.

Yadkin County, North Carolina's top wine region, serves as a cultural link between the past and the present. Yadkinville, the county seat, has long been a close-knit community with friendly neighbors and good small businesses, having been founded in the nineteenth century.

What People Love About Yadkin County

Many people are choosing to purchase property in Yadkin County for a variety of reasons:

  • Other piedmont cities, including Statesville, Mocksville, High Point, and Greensboro, are close by.
  • Boone, Blowing Rock, and Sparta are all nearby mountain towns.
  • There are numerous small companies and major corporations that provide employment and amusement.
  • Excellent restaurants with outstanding food and service.
  • Fishing, kayaking, and canoeing in rivers and waterways throughout the area
  • Mountain biking trail networks like Warrior Creek, Lake Hickory, and Tanglewood are all within a short drive.

In addition to all those factors, people choose Yadkin County for the excellent weather. We get all four seasons in our region, with snow most winters, plenty of rain through the rest of the year, and hundreds of days of sunshine. However, weather hazards can impact Yadkin County as well.

Weather Hazards for Landowners in Yadkin County

In any given year, it is common to receive between forty and fifty inches of rain. Some years, it may seem like it rains every day. With many rivers and creeks running through the county, flooding is one of the primary potential weather hazards. Other weather concerns include:

  • Hurricanes that maintain strength inland (such as Hurricane Hugo) can bring heavy rains and high winds.
  • Severe thunderstorms with frequent lightning, large hail, gusty winds, and flooding rain can strike from spring through the fall.
  • While we generally see just a few inches of snow every year, large snowstorms can occur that will snarl traffic and shut down schools.
  • In addition to snow, freezing rain is a frequent winter danger. Ice accumulation can damage trees and sever power lines.
  • Sometimes it’s the lack of precipitation that can make the ground too dry, leading to a drought that hurts farmers and increases the danger of fire.

What Property Owners Can Do to Guard Against Drought and Wildfires in Yadkin County

While wildfires are more closely associated with California wine country, North Carolina’s wineries can be impacted by fire as well. It doesn’t take years of drought to cause a woodland fire. A few days of low humidity and lack of precipitation can make your forests susceptible to fire. How can you reduce the dangers of drought on your property?

Church & Church Logging and Forestry Services in Yadkinville and Surrounding Areas

If you have ten acres or more of woodlands, your property could be a great candidate for timber harvesting. Cutting and selling a stand of trees can be profitable and help reduce the risk of wildfire occurring on your property. Logging helps recycle your forests, allowing them to be replanted and grow again healthier and stronger.

When your timber is harvested, the fuel for fire is reduced. When your trees are replanted, they can be done in such a way as to minimize future fire risk. For more information about logging and timber harvesting in Yadkin County, contact Church & Church Lumber.